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Great things happen when big dreams and passion COLLIDE

We are committed to producing only long-lasting, premium quality roses of brighter, more vibrant colors for those who are looking for not only a superior and exclusive product, but are also passionate and bold enough to set a new standard with their creations.

Tessa Corp customers know that great flowers are the ones that make great statements, and they are not afraid to go a step further and look for the very best.


After over 20 years in the industry, Tessa Corp has mastered the craft of growing the finest roses in Ecuador and became a globally recognized brand name, harvesting over 80 high-quality premium varieties. Known for our quality, reliability and trustworthiness, we have cultivated and nurtured our relationships with as much care and precision as our roses because we believe in the importance of strong relationships in business.

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Our first farm started its operations in 1997 on 4.5 hectares of the best land in Ecuador, with a clear mission to grow the finest quality roses.

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Located in the Cotopaxi province, South of Quito, at 2,850 meters (9350 ft) above sea level, our unique conditions of water, soil, lighting and altitude provide us with the ability to produce and export long-lasting, premium quality roses year round.

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We have since grown to four farms with more than 100 hectares of land, state of the art facilities and equipment, and a talented team of over 1200 highly-skilled experts that oversees our global operations.

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We have build a strong reputation and brand name in every market over the years and rank as one of the top suppliers of the top-quality, luxury roses in the world.


Finest quality doesn’t happen by chance – it takes a carefully thought out process and dedication. Our highly skilled artisan growers are meticulous in cultivating the perfect rose that surpasses the highest standard of quality and beauty.

Our state of the art automated irrigation system and modern greenhouses, paired unique geographic climate and privileged Ecuadorian soil, formulate the ideal environment for our roses to thrive, resulting in superior rose color varieties with biggest blossoms and longer and thicker stems.

We’ve been growing superior quality Ecuadorian roses for over 20 years using cutting-edge technology and innovation, understanding the importance of constant process improvement.

We believe these investments in our quality are key to a company’s ability to maintain an edge over the competition.



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Over 80+ premium varieties to choose from, all with our same signature of quality and performance.

Download our full 2019 catalog to see our complete flower portfolio.

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